Implants / Prosthesis

Subject area:Implants / Prosthesis

An implant is any artificial material or product that is brought into the body for permanent or long-term retention. Implants are mainly used for medical purposes. The functions of such implants are diverse. Implants in medical technology have the task of supporting or replacing body functions. Depending on their function, they are also referred to as implanted prostheses. Known representatives are, for example, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), pacemaker (HSM), stents and vascular prostheses, cochlear implant, retina implant (visual prosthesis), deep brain stimulation. In dentistry, dental implants are used as anchoring anchors for artificial teeth, bridges or dentures. Medical technology used in trauma surgery for the surgical treatment of broken bones (osteosynthesis). In neurosurgery, medical technology is used in the form of implants for individual skull reconstructions made of titanium as a bone replacement for skull defects after trepanation or resection.