Hygiene in times of COVID-19

Hygiene is an important commodity at all times, but especially in the current crisis situation. Despite the fact that restrictions are beginning to be released, strict compliance with hygiene measures is the best way out of this crisis. And each individual can contribute to this.

CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG can of course also provide support in this respect.

Although direct testing for COVID-19 or other viruses is not possible, testing the general microbiological cleanliness of surfaces and rooms is one of the possible measures to assess and monitor room hygiene.

For this purpose we offer in our eShop contact plates for surfaces and sedimentation plates for rooms. These can be used on site by the user and returned to us after use. We evaluate these plates after appropriate incubation and give you an impression of your room hygiene. A high level of general microbiological cleanliness increases the probability that viral contamination is also low.And this is not only in corona times, but also in general an important good to protect employees in the important branch of medical technology but also in other branches of industrial production or administration.

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