2nd Expert Meeting on Advanced Operation Techniques in Gynecology and General Surgery in Dubai

In today's high-frequency surgery, safe and simple handling in combination with efficiency and innovative technology are among the main requirements in the OR. For this reason, our Expert Meeting in collaboration with the Sharjah University of the United Arab Emirates and the Indo German Endoscopy and Laparoscopic Society (IGELS) focused on bipolar vascular sealing.

The 40 participants received theoretical and practical insights into surgical technology in gynecology and general surgery by Dr. med. Zorr, Director of the Konstanz Clinic and PD Dr. med. Seifert from the University Hospital Freiburg. Dr. med. Zorr reported on the first day of possible indications and his experience with bipolar vascular sealing in gynecology, while PD Dr. med. Seifert gave an insight into bariatric surgery based on patient cases.

In addition to other specialist presentations by our Indian speakers, Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Mohapatra, on the topics “Experience in the use of reusable bipolar vascular sealing instruments in radical surgical interventions including lymph node dissection” and laparoscopic gynecological interventions, also had a real-time operation from the Ahana Gynaecare Hospital, Bhubaneshawar, India, via video in the auditorium of the Sharjah University transferred. The medical director was Dr. Behera from the Ahana Gynaecare Hospital, Bhubaneshwar.

On the second day of the course, the participants had the opportunity to test our maXium® high-frequency surgery device in combination with our reusable vascular sealing instrument marSeal5 plus Maryland at four workplaces for sealing quality and blood-free cutting in the Wet Lab at Sharjah University. During the entire practical part, the experienced surgeons Dr. Rajkumar, PD Dr. med. Seifert and Dr. med. Zorr, who answered their questions.

At the end of these two exciting and educational days, we were able to hand over a certificate to all participants.
If you also want to take your knowledge of bipolar vascular sealing to the next level, we would be happy to advise you on suitable courses. Just write us an email to internet@klsmartin.com and we will get back to you.



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