Improved local service to patient-specific solutions for British surgeons

We have opened a new planning office for our Individual Patient Solutions (IPS®) in Cardiff, Great Britain. The new company, KLS Martin IPS® Service UK Limited, was founded to provide surgeons in the UK with improved local service and to provide them with in-depth knowledge of our patient-specific solutions.

Our three designers Hanna, Hayley and Sam develop our patient-specific implants IPS Implants® on site. Initially mainly for British MKG surgeons. The designers spent six months in Germany for a sound education in order to familiarize themselves with our core team of engineers with our design and manufacturing processes for individual patient solutions. These range from solutions for oncology such as IPS Implants® Mandible Reconstruction, IPS Implants® Orbita, IPS Implants® Orthognathics to IPS Implants® Preprosthetic. Hanna, Hayley and Sam are supported in their work by eight area managers who work closely with British clinicians on a daily basis.

We are very proud of the founding of the new IPS® service office in Great Britain and are happy to be able to support local doctors with a more personal and local service.

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Public announcement | 21.04.2020 An article by Gebrüder Martin - Ein Unternehmen der KLS Martin Group