Welcome to the family, KLS Martin de México SA de CV

Last year, we founded KLS Martin de México SA de CV, based in Mexico City, to help our local distributors market and sell our products in the Latin American market.

We always strive to improve our products and services. The easiest way to do this is to be close to both customers and dealers and therefore within the market. That was one reason why we decided to open a subsidiary in Mexico. In addition, we wanted to set up a local authority to support our sales partners in their marketing efforts and to provide them with advice.

Establishing a subsidiary in Mexico, however, is a long process involving various government institutions. In order to be able to found a subsidiary, several requirements have to be met. To name just a few:

First, a physical location has to be found. This office then has to fulfill several regulatory aspects. For example, it must have a warehouse. Other prerequisites are that there are employees specifically for quality management and that the processes are defined and documented so that the company can be properly checked.

These challenges are behind us! Our office is set up and in operation.


Public announcement | 21.04.2020 An article by Gebrüder Martin - Ein Unternehmen der KLS Martin Group