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The company Chr. Teufel was founded in 1888 by the sculptor Christian Teufel as a stonemason and sculptor workshop in Tuttlingen. There are still works of his work in Tuttlingen visible today, such as: For example, the two figures Paul and John on the gable of the Tuttlinger town church. After the First World War, the company was renamed Christian Teufel Sohn. The reason for this was the entry of son Max Teufel. In 1958 , after the death of Max Teufel, Lothar Teufel led the fortunes of the company. By prudence, he recognized the demand for natural stone in the construction sector and built in 1962 a new production hall with about 600 square meters in the Bodenseestrasse. In 1975 he saw the opportunity to establish his business in the church restoration. In 1991 Christian Teufel Sohn became Chr. Teufel Sohn GmbH. In the same year his son Thomas Teufel joined the company as managing director. Over the years, the company continued to develop in the construction industry towards upscale interior design and kitchen worktop production. In 2011 , the location in Bodenseestrasse was abandoned and relocated to the industrial estate In Grubenäcker. There was built a new production hall with about 1000 square meters in which today mainly kitchen worktops are manufactured with state-of-the-art CNC equipment. With Patrick Teufel, who finished his journeyman's exam in the summer of 2011 as 3rd Bundessieger, the 5th generation is already ready.

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Our state-of-the-art 5axis water jet system enables us to cut all materials in the highest precision, 3D-dimensional up to 52 degrees inclination.

The big advantage of waterjet cutting over other cutting methods is the stress-free cutting.

Since there are no microstructures or material changes, reworking is made much easier, especially with problem materials such as titanium or stainless steel.

The working area is 4000 x 2000 and thicknesses up to 150 mm can be cut, the working pressure is 4200 bar.


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