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Forécreu, a world leader in stainless steel, special steel and titanium cannulated rods, is headquartered in Malicorne, central France and has been a heavily export-oriented company since its founding in 1952 with subsidiaries in the US, China and Germany.


Our industrial expertise includes rolling, extrusion and drawing (hot and cold working) as well as various finishing stages such as grinding, twisting or sawing.


Forécreus subsidiary VBM manufactures implantable plastic parts for orthopedics by injection molding. Here is a selection of bioresorbable materials: PLLA, PDLLA, PGA. As well as mixed materials: HA, TCP, bioglass mix, PEEK, PMMA, PE ...


Forécreu is also the publisher of the Orthomaterial® PocketBook

PocketBook - is the reference book for materials and processes in orthopedics

Certificates / Quality Management

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485


Product / Service Portfolio

Product range / Range of services

Forécreu Biométal develops, manufactures and distributes stainless steel, special steel and titanium cannulated round rods for biomedical applications for:

  • medical tools,
  • surgical implants and
  • Dental instruments


Our products are central corrosion resistant steel round bars for making drills, taps, reamers, screwdrivers, aiming devices, guide bushings, dental milling tools and instruments.

Central steel round bars made of corrosion-resistant steel for the production of cannulated screws, intramedullary nails and for tool manufacture in the field of osteosynthesis.

On our homepage you will find the current dimensions and materials available from stock.

Suppliers & service providers

  • Metal manufacturing / processing
  • Cannulated round bars


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